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Thanks to backing from the Evilcratic Party ['verse: The Flying Squirrel [ profile] theflyingsquirl, ect.] Ako's picked up a number of fun odds and ends. These include:

From Jordan)
A ridiculously portable electric guitar. It's volume knob goes to 15. Anything more than about 5 is not recommended for long term exposure with unprotected ears.

A stunner. It looks like one of the metal club flashlights and knocks out both animals and robots. Now in pistol form!
From Ellen ([ profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky)
An alien hand gun that vaporizes people. The Alien Atomizer!

From Karkat([ profile] crabbycustomer)
A chat client that runs on corn syrup! Ako can be reached at trackedTraumate
<font color="FF6600" face="courier"><b>trackedTraumate</b></font>
<font color="ff6600" face="courier"><b>trackedTraumate [TT]</b></font> <font color="black" face="courier"><b>began trolling</b></font> <font color="696969" face="courier"><b>chirurGeneralist [CG]</b></font>
<font face="courier"><b><font color="FF6600">CURRENT trackedTraumate [CTT]</font> RIGHT NOW opened memo on board MAGICAL MYSTERY BAR VIRTUAL BULLETIN BOARD</font></b>

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The garage under Milliways is large.
Everyone who has been there knows this.

It should, in fact, have it's own weather systems inside.
No doubt someone is cheating.

But it's probably not the two in the elevator car that just arrived.
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Annette-san's plans are complicated but not unusable.

The scaling takes more work and several napkins are sacrificed to the cause.
Later, they are sacrificed to the furnace.

It takes several hours and more than a few corrections as things progress. The book on redesigning dresses helps.

The wings glitter coming out of the furnace. Silver and blue, with black accents.
(Darker than Annette-san's, but that probably has something to do with sizing tweaks.)

Snug, flexible and light. There is not much light left when she gets out.

Flying is still incredible even after smashing into the lake getting the hang of it again. Even for just a few hours.

It is a shame her sylladex does not show a code while storing the wings. She would like to see if the troll's alchemy equipment could make one that lasted longer.

She will have to let Annette-san know.
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Ako has one of the medicinal smelling bullets out of the clip again and is looking at it closely while she sits at a table.

There has to be some way to figure out what the pistol is supposed to do without shooting anyone or anything.
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Ako frowns pretty heavily as she looks around.

Her door had opened and, having basically everything she'd want to take with her in her Sylladex, she'd dashed through.

It would, after all, be simple enough to use T-Minus to let everyone know that she'd made it back home, and the door could have gone away again at any point.

The trick, of course, is that her door hadn't opened on Mahora the last time she'd gone through.

Not that this was the same place as last time either, but it had to have something to do with it.
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The young woman, perhaps eighteen, lounging sideways in the chair near the fire is reading. The Haynes guide to BU-31 to 35 series GENOM boomers to be precise.

She's stopping regularly to check if there's anything interesting going on around too, though what counts for that with everything Cubefall related going on might be hard to tell.
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It took a fair bit of asking around after she managed to connect with Claudia-san on T-Minus but Ako is off to find Fairy Fixit-san.

Milliways exists and is, kinda, sorta, back to normal.
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The sun is shining. The grass is green.

It shouldn't be.

At Milliways and at Mahora her door is indoors.

The light should come from electric lights, the floor should be wood or tile.

Uh? Help!

Feb. 14th, 2012 10:48 pm
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It is a small room. Red stone wall and floors, light from nowhere identifiable and note scratched out on the floor.

You appear to have slipped through to the Abyssal plane. To return to your last recorded dimension, please identify the odd appendage out, then operate it.

That's strange, but, well, Milliways has been behaving oddly in a lot of ways lately.

A quick look, a solid pull and a sensation of falling...
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Further OOC plotting, because we don't need to clog up other people's inboxes with this.

Recap: repeated trips to the Lost and Found Office, then a trip to Zanaris and somehow, eventually, getting back to Milliways.
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Pre-Festival: Mahora organizes a festival to celebrate the peaking power of the World Tree and 3A prepares in their own ways. Many characters are both introduced and put forward as the students prepare and one of them begins the first hints of a much bigger plan. Mentions are made of the World Tree's power. (Chapters 72-80) Volume 9
Festival Day 1: With the assistance of Chao's latest invention, the time machine Casseopeia, Negi partakes in many activities, including the class haunted house, patrolling with two students, dating three of them, and even helping one in a costume contest! He also takes parts in preliminaries for one of the big events of the festival: the Mahora Tournament. (Chapters 81-87) Volume 10
Mahora Budōkai: After making his way to the top sixteen, Negi fights his way through rivals familiar and unknown to reach the finals, including another member of the Crimson Wing. Meanwhile, Asuna slowly discovers more secrets from her past, and Chao begins to make her move, with guards, from Takamichi and Setsuna to Misora, after her. (Chapters 88-119) Volumes 10, 11, 12, 13
Festival Day 2: After the tournament, Negi takes part in more activities at the festival. Focused students in this section include Ako, who reveals her crush on an older Negi, the Library Club girls, and the bizarre friendship growing between Chisame and Chachamaru. Yue and Haruna become the fifth and sixth partners, respectively, by the end of this arc. (Chapters 120-131) Volume 14 & 15
Chao's Mission & Eight Days Later: With her plan finally in full force, Chao confronts Negi in combat with a surprise ending. Yet, troubles continue as an unexpected move throws Negi's allies into a world they never expected. (Chapters 132-144) Volumes 15 & 16
The Battle of Mahora: After returning from their side-trip, Negi's team have a decisive confrontation against Chao, and Chisame finally relents into becoming Negi's seventh partner. (Chapters 145-162) Volumes 16, 17, 18
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A strategy guide for the dating sim/fighting game for Mahou Shoujo Biblion. There are a lot of girls in color coordinated outfits with batwings who fight for love, justice and (possibly) inter-library loans.
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Jordan Kennedy - something dangerous - A flat long box, in red and white paper with a gold ribbon.
Sarah Black - something tiny -A small in tan and gold
Enzo Matrix - something job related - A shallow square box in gold paper with blue ribbon.
Rachel - some clothing - A box wrapped with ninja snowmen printed on the paper (you can tell by the face masks)
Karkat Vantas - Something Practical - A box with black wrapping paper and a gray ribbon Delivered!
Nepeta Leijon - Something impractical - A box in Hello Kitty wrapping paper.
Corazon Escobar - Something squashy - A roughly rectangular package in red paper with a green ribbon.
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When Ako has a nightmare it is usually a normal terror. Ending up in front of class naked. Not having finished her homework (though that one doesn't come up so often lately - going back to classes on a schedule is going to be painful). Being driven around like a puppet and feeling your brain stop working as anything more complex than strings is...
Dreadfully new.
And how well does she know the people she talks to here anyway?
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[OOM : After a fight there are consequences. (Millitimed to the day after this.)]

Ako has:
1) A Pepsi in a glass bottle.
2) A fancy dress, black and flouncy and decorated with bows that match her eyes.
3) No idea how she ended up with point two.
4) A note for Guppy-sensei. She leaves with Bar. ).

Maybe this will make sense if she talks it out with someone.

OOC: Open 'till it scrolls!
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Day 1
: AM: Opening Parade

Day 2

Day 3
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7:50 P.M.: Evangeline is planning her breakout. The more athletic girls of class 3-A taking a common bath. Workers are fastening headlamps into place and checking batteries.

7:59 P.M.: Last looks around, flashlights on.

8:00 P.M.: Blackout. The campus generators taken offline until midnight to refurbishing and preventative maintenance.

10:48 P.M.: Ako and the other girls are knocked out in the fight between Eva and Negi.

11:52 P.M.: Power is restored to Mahora ahead of schedule
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Makie-chan had collapsed on Sakura Lane. Eva-chan was talking about vampires and how they loved blood from energetic girls.

Well, Makie-chan was that.

Still, all there were no such things as vampires, right? At least, not here. There were vampires in Milliways, true, and in other people's worlds. But her's (and wasn't it odd to claim a world as a whole, bad and good) wasn't strange at all. It had humans and trees and computers, but nothing really magical. Not compared to ones with gods or witches.

Still.... Maybe it's time to start carrying the stunner around Mahora too. Just in case.
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For want of a nail, the shoe was lost
A year.
For want of a shoe, the horse was lost
Evangeline-san still disappears far to easily, Negi-sensei still teaches - even if they're class 3-A no not 2-A - and the doors all open into what most people would think was the right room.
For want of a horse, the rider was lost
Stupid stable door being in a stupid construction area
For want of a rider, the battle was lost
So it's head down and study. Work on English, math, medicine and chemistry and keep trying the doors.
The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
And all for want of a nail


Oct. 21st, 2009 05:42 am
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Mahora Academy was not new. There was prestige from that, and it certainly helped with things like Library Island, but it lead to problems from time to time.

Like now.

This building has been closed for renovations. Hard hat and steel toed boots required for safety. All visitors are to report to the site office and sign in.

"There are times when a stable door is a real pain. It would be nice if then didn't move that door either."
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