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It would be nice, thought Ako, If the clubs actually paid attention some times. Who did the class results up with that many people missing anyway?

"Ako-chan, come on! There's going to be a party!"


Negi-sensei got to stay. That was good. Even if Headmaster Konoe is a strange old man sometimes.
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[Following this.]

Crack- fzzt. "Twenty."
Crack- fzzt. "Twenty-one."
Crack- fzzt. "Twenty-two."

"Next time I find out if she'll take debit."
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Trailing Eva-san is hard. She rarely come to class on any sort of a schedule, doesn't stay in the dorms with most of their age group and when she get's out of sight for a moment she just seems to disapear.

Ako gets as far as thinking that the real pinches are time and money before she's dragged away.

"Time to study Ako-chan or Negi-sensei won't get to keep his job."


Konoko-san's grandfather, the Headmaster of Mahora, is a strange, strange old man sometimes.
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"A supervillain, Ako-san?" asked the voice from behind.

Ako gave a jump and turned. "Eva-san! It's, um, theoretical," she stuttered trying to cover the notes with her arms, "An idea I'm working on for a story."

A live action story, where most of the people play themselves, but details, details.

"Maa, maa, Ako-chan," said Eva-san calmingly, "I know just what you need. I'm glad to help out. We are classmates after all."



"Go get Ako-chan a copy of the List, Chachamaru. Anything worth doing is worth excelling at after all."

"Yes, Master."

"I don't want to be a bother..."

"And, of course you'll need - Oh, ho, ho - new outfits. To help with the characterization."

"I, um, oh dear."
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Timeline base was stolen whole cloth from Here.
General Events: Canon Timeline
Ako Specific Events: Canon Timeline
All Events: Milli-canon
Spoilers. The whole thing is spoilers as far as the eye can see. )
Updates to come as I play and re-read the books.
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The universes of Negima are many and confusing. Ako will be coming, primarily, from the Negima! manga. In particular the Del Ray translation. Negima! also supports a collection of anime adaptations, a live action version, an alternate manga (Negiam!? Neo) and it's anime adaptation(s).

Edit: Also a video game. I honestly have no idea what's going on in that at all.

I suggest wikipedia to try and make sense of what's going on. Now let's all take a moment and be glad she's not from a Tenchi Muyo variant. *twitches*
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Takamichi's shadow stretches over the blonde, up but not awake. "Eva-chan, we need to talk."

"Hn. No," says Evangeline, face down on the table.

"Oh yes. About what happened last night in fact."

"Boya knew I was an enemy. He should have been prepared to accept the consequences, not run back to the 'adults'."

"And he did. This is about the rest of the people involved in your little drama Evageline."

"The brat made herself a target when she-"

"Nor Asuna-chan. Your distraction, Evangeline. Repay them."


"Izumi-chan came first, then the others. You should know to look after the things you use, with your style. Now, tutor them in mundane matters, buy them clothes, take them for ice-cream but there will be recompense. Am I clear?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Am. I. Clear."

"You're clear. Now leave, I'll pay my debts in my own way."
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"Ah, Ako-chan!" says a smiling Takamichi-sensei, "What brings you here so early?"

"Last night, something weird happened sensei and when I woke up I was in a maid uniform that was damaged, like I'd played soccer in it or something, and I don't remember what happened."

"Well now, that does seem serious. Have you seen the nurse?"

"Hmm. She said I had some bruises and that I might be acting out in my sleep."

Not that the question of where the maid outfit came from is answered by that. Ako isn't one of the students to cosplay.

"Well. I'm sure it's a one time thing, but I'll keep an eye out for you if you like Ako-chan."

"Thank-you Takamichi-sensei."

And that, seems to be that.
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Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowel, Queen of the Night, The Doll Master, The Visitation of Woe, The Apostle of Destruction and seat number 26 of class 3-A, Mahora Academy, frowned. Where to find the minions she needed to distract boya?

Someone athletic. Someone he'd care about. Someone -

"Oh! Hello Eva-chan! I was just headed for the baths with Makie-san."

- convenient.

"Ako-chan, what a pleasant surprise."

It's all some sort of distorted dream. Negi-sensei obviously can't fly, Chachamaru-san certainly wouldn't attack him and, though Eva-chan would change outfits at a moment's notice, she can't turn into a gorgeous, grown woman.

But, where did this outfit come from?


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