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Timeline base was stolen whole cloth from Here.
General Events: Canon Timeline
Ako Specific Events: Canon Timeline
All Events: Milli-canon

    15th-16th century?

  • Evangeline Athanasia Kitty (?) MacDowell born, turned to a vampire at the age of ten

  • 19th century

  • Evangeline's castle built in the "Dark Lands/Continent" (Mundus Magicus? Africa?). The entire area is later moved into a Resort bottle.

  • 1890s

  • Founding of Mahora Academy and Library Island.

  • 1923

  • Evangeline visits Japan for the first time; learns Aikido from the art's creator Morihei Ueshiba

  • 1940s

  • Aisaka Sayo murdered

  • 1968

  • Nagi Springfield born? (see 1978)

  • 1978

  • Nagi Springfield wins the MahoraFEST Tournament at the age of ten? ("twenty-five years before," "the same age as his son")

  • 1982

  • Bellum Schismaticum ongoing in Mundus Magicus (starting date uncertain). Ala Rubra involved in identifying and exposing the manipulators behind the war, "Kosmoentelechia."

  • 1983

  • Late September?: Ala Rubra rescues Asuna from captivity. Bellum Schismaticum brought to an end; Ostia destroyed. Nagi kills Kosmoentelechia's leader in an extremely short fight.

  • 1984-85

  • Nagi Springfield passes through the town of Hecates in Mundus Magicus.

  • Ryomen Sukuna no Kami escapes its prison and is resealed by Nagi and the Elder of the Kansai M.A.

  • 1988

  • March 17: Zazie Rainyday born

  • April 4: Kasuga Misora born

  • April 21: Alleged birthdate of Kagurazaka Asuna (aka Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, Royal Princess of the Dusk)

  • May 10: Miyazaki Nodoka born

  • May 12: Yotsuba Satsuki born

  • May 15: Kakizaki Misa born

  • May 26: Okochi Akira born

  • June 1: Akashi Yuna born

  • June 9: Shiina Sakurako born

  • July 5: Yukihio Ayaka born

  • July 14: Hakase Satomi born

  • August 18: Saotome Haruna born

  • October 21: Murakami Natsumi born

  • November 12: Nagase Kaede born

  • November 16: Ayase Yue born

  • November 17: Tatsumiya Mana (Mana Arcana?) born

  • November 21: Izumi Ako born

  • December 1: Chao Lingshen born (allegedly)

  • December 6: Narutaki twins born

  • 1989

  • Nagi Springfield (known by this point as the Thousand Master) subdues the Dark Evangel, subjecting her to the Infernus Scholasticus curse

  • January 10: Asakura Kazumi born

  • January 17: Sakurazaki Setsuna born

  • January 29: Naba Chizuru born

  • February 2: Hasegawa Chisame born

  • March 3: Kugimiya Madoka born

  • March 7: Sasaki Makie born

  • March 16: Kuu Fei born

  • March 18: Konoe Konoka born

  • 1992

  • Nov. 25: Birth of Anna Yurievna Kokolova (Anya)

  • 1993

  • In Istanbul, Asuna teaches Takamichi the basics of kanka.

  • Nagi Springfield and Fate Averruncus "defeat each other" in Istanbul. Nagi is presumed dead.

  • Gateau Vandenberg is killed.

  • Asuna's memory erased; Asuna, Albireo, and Takamichi move to Mahora Academy

  • Takamichi spends several years practicing kanka and martial arts in Eva's Resort, prematurely aging himself. Albireo, apparently injured, becomes Librarian of the Island and has not been seen in the flesh since.

  • Birth of Negi Springfield.

  • 1998

  • Late winter/early spring (Negi is approx. five): Person or persons unknown (presumably Kosmoentelechia) summons Graf Wilhelm Josef von Herrmann and an army of lower-ranked demons to attack Nagi Springfield's hometown. All residents save Negi and Nekane are petrified (Anya is away, boarding at Meridiana). Nagi appears and destroys most of the army; Wilhelm and the slime sisters are bottled up by Grandpa Stan. Negi and Anya are permanently moved to Meridiana in Wales.

  • Negi enters Meridiana Magic Academy, throws himself into study and practice.

  • 2000

  • Late in the year?: Lingshen Chao enters Mahora Academy; first record of her existence ("two and a half years" with the class before the 2003 Festival)

  • 2001

  • January 3: Karakuri Chachamaru assembled.

  • April 1: Karakuri Chachamaru brought online.

  • 2002

  • August: Negi graduates valedictorian from Meridiana Magic Academy; manga begins.

  • 2003

  • February (?): Negi arrives at Mahora Academy and becomes English teacher for Mahora Girls School Class 2-A. Hilarity ensues.

  • March: The boy Ako confessed her love to
  • (Yoshida Hisoka), and was rejected by, graduates. Depression!
  • March 30: Headmaster informs Negi of his "final challenge." Near sunset, Negi seals away his magic for three days to avoid temptation. Late that night, the Bakarangers +1 Expedition descends into Library Island, discovers the Book of Melchizedek, and runs afoul of a trap that sends them to the Illusionary Reading Room in the depths of the complex.

  • March 31-early April 2: Bakaranger Expedition studies hard.

  • April 2: Escape from Library Island. Class 2-A takes first place in the finals. Negi is hired as a regular English teacher.

  • Third year of middle school begins; 2-A becomes 3-A.

  • Albert Chamomile arrives at Mahora.

  • Evangeline attacks Negi.

  • April 20: Shopping for the class trip.

  • April 21: Asuna's birthday.

  • April 23: Class Trip day 1. 3-A takes bullet train to Kyoto, visits Kiyomizu Temple; multiple acts of sabotage by Chigusa Amagasaki. Night: Amagasaki attempts to kidnap Konoka, assisted by Fate Averrucus's ministra Tsukuyomi; foiled.

  • April 24: 3-A in Nara; Nodoka confesses to Negi; Kazumi discovers Negi's secret and attempts to expose him, fails, is "recruited" by Chamo-kun. Night: Operation Lip Scramble; Nodoka makes a Pactio w/Negi.

  • April 25: Free Activity day. Negi and Asuna make a run for the Kansai M.A. headquarters, battle Kotaro with Nodoka's assistance. Tsukuyomi attacks Setsuna and Konoka at Cinema Village. Afternoon: both groups converge at KMAHQ. Night: Chigusa assaults the estate with the aid of Kotaro, Tsukuyomi, and Fate; final battle ensues. Chigusa and Kotaro captured, others escape.

  • April 26: Final day of the trip; visit to Nagi Springfield's house; rest, relaxation, embarrassing photographs. Return to Mahora.

  • April 27 (Sunday, day after return): Negi asks Evangeline to take him on as a disciple. After altercations, Eva puts off her decision until next Saturday. Evening: brief love potion incident.

  • April 28: Negi asks Kuu for training in kung fu. Bowling night.

  • April 30, morning: Makie finds Negi practicing kata. Eva takes exception to Negi training under multiple masters, issues challenge for next Sunday.

  • April 30-May 2: Intense training for both Negi and Makie

  • May 3, early morning: Disciple test passed. Makie attends rhythmic gymnastics preliminary match, passes. Afternoon: Library Expedition Club discovers clue in Nagi's map of the island.

  • May 4, morning: brief expedition to Library Island ends in dragon encounter.

  • May 5: Evangeline's magic training begins; Negi and Asuna quarrel.

  • May 8-9?: Vacation at Ayaka's island resort. (Mahora seems to have a longer Golden Week than the rest of Japan.) Team Negi-bozu begins to coalesce.

  • Fate releases Wilhelm and the Slime sisters, ordering them to take Negi Springfield out of action. Kotaro Inugami, being held in the same prison facility, overhears some of this and escapes as well, aiding Team Negi-bozu in the ensuing battle.

  • June 3: Negi records a letter to Nekane.

  • June 5: Preparations for MahoraFEST 2003 begin. Kotaro transfers into an unspecified school in Mahora.

  • June ?: 3-A decides (after much dithering and silliness) to put on a haunted house for the festival. Sayo's existence revealed over three goofy nights.

  • June 14: Asuna and aged-up Negi go on a practice date. Hijinks ensue.

  • June 17: Negi begins to schedule time with his students for the festival. Schedule almost immediately becomes physically impossible to fulfill.

  • June 19: Mahora magic teachers recruit Negi for World Tree patrol. Negi "rescues" Chao from the ninja nun brigade, insists on taking responsibility for her. Chao gives Negi the Cassiopeia Mk. I. Nightfall: World Tree begins to glow; MahoraFEST 2003 officially begins.

  • June 20: MahoraFEST Day One.

  • June 21: MahoraFEST Day Two.

  • June 22: MahoraFEST Day Three.

  • Summer vacation (first half): training from hell in the Resort Complex

  • August 9: the ninja-nun squad arrive in Mundus Magicus

  • August 12: Ala Alba travel to England

  • August 14: Ala Alba and accidental stowaways transported to Megalomesembria; Fate Averruncus and allied forces destroy all major worldgate complexes; Ala Alba etc. are scattered around Mundus Magicus. Yue lands in Ariadne and is immediately cursed with amnesia.

  • August 15: Negi and Chachamaru rescue Chisame

  • August 16: Kotaro finds Negi's group; Yue is admitted to the Mage Knight school in Ariadne

  • August 19: Eva is bored; Ayaka demonstrates astonishing communication skills w/Zazie; Negi's group arrives in Hecates

  • August 21: Negi's group reaches Granicus, meets Kazumi and Sayo, attempts to rescue Natsumi, Akira, and Ako from debt-slavery; Negi and Kotaro enter the Granicus prize-fights; Takamichi and Mana arrive in Megalomesembria shortly before the worldgate decays completely

  • August 22: Negi and Kotaro's first tournament match; Negi announces himself as "Nagi" to the world

  • August 29 : Yuuna and Makie are working as waitressses in Tempe Terra; Negi and Kotaro have won 13 consecutive victories; Jacobus Lacan arrives in Granicus

  • August 30: Kagetarou attacks Negi; Negi's right arm is severed in the fight; Lacan intervenes

  • September 1: Negi awakens after reconstructive surgery; letter from Asuna and Setsuna arrives; Tsukuyomi discovers A&S

  • September 2: Kazumi, Chachamaru, and Sayo leave Granicus on a round-the-world search mission; Negi begins training under Lacan; Dark Magic is discussed

  • September 3: Lacan demonstrates Eva's darkness magic, nearly killing himself

  • September 4: Negi activates Eva's scroll; Nodoka acquires Comptina Daemonia in partnership with a party of adventurers; Kaede and Konoka, dragon hunters, meet up with Setsuna and Asuna, likewise

  • September 5: The search party locates Kuu; Granicus group receives mail from search party, dragon hunters, and waitresses

  • September 6: Negi awakens after two days of mental torture combat; Fate Averruncus and associates arrive at the ruins of Ostia

  • September 9: Nodoka acquires Auris Lectans, leaves adventurers and heads for Ostia; Kazumi recharges Chachamaru; Yue is embarrassed; poor Chamo-kun is freezing

  • September 10 (?): Yue and Colette win the Ariadne 100-km broom race

  • September 14 (?): Yue and Colette depart for Ostia; Asuna's group is 40 km west of Ostia, Asuna catches sight of ruined capital

  • September 29 (?): scheduled opening of the Ostia Memorial Tournament

  • September 30: Team Negi-bozu battle Team Fate (?) in Ostia; Fate's real name revealed

Updates to come as I play and re-read the books.
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