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The garage under Milliways is large.
Everyone who has been there knows this.

It should, in fact, have it's own weather systems inside.
No doubt someone is cheating.

But it's probably not the two in the elevator car that just arrived.
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Annette-san's plans are complicated but not unusable.

The scaling takes more work and several napkins are sacrificed to the cause.
Later, they are sacrificed to the furnace.

It takes several hours and more than a few corrections as things progress. The book on redesigning dresses helps.

The wings glitter coming out of the furnace. Silver and blue, with black accents.
(Darker than Annette-san's, but that probably has something to do with sizing tweaks.)

Snug, flexible and light. There is not much light left when she gets out.

Flying is still incredible even after smashing into the lake getting the hang of it again. Even for just a few hours.

It is a shame her sylladex does not show a code while storing the wings. She would like to see if the troll's alchemy equipment could make one that lasted longer.

She will have to let Annette-san know.
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Ako has one of the medicinal smelling bullets out of the clip again and is looking at it closely while she sits at a table.

There has to be some way to figure out what the pistol is supposed to do without shooting anyone or anything.
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Ako frowns pretty heavily as she looks around.

Her door had opened and, having basically everything she'd want to take with her in her Sylladex, she'd dashed through.

It would, after all, be simple enough to use T-Minus to let everyone know that she'd made it back home, and the door could have gone away again at any point.

The trick, of course, is that her door hadn't opened on Mahora the last time she'd gone through.

Not that this was the same place as last time either, but it had to have something to do with it.
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It took a fair bit of asking around after she managed to connect with Claudia-san on T-Minus but Ako is off to find Fairy Fixit-san.

Milliways exists and is, kinda, sorta, back to normal.
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The sun is shining. The grass is green.

It shouldn't be.

At Milliways and at Mahora her door is indoors.

The light should come from electric lights, the floor should be wood or tile.
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[OOM : After a fight there are consequences. (Millitimed to the day after this.)]

Ako has:
1) A Pepsi in a glass bottle.
2) A fancy dress, black and flouncy and decorated with bows that match her eyes.
3) No idea how she ended up with point two.
4) A note for Guppy-sensei. She leaves with Bar. ).

Maybe this will make sense if she talks it out with someone.

OOC: Open 'till it scrolls!
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Makie-chan had collapsed on Sakura Lane. Eva-chan was talking about vampires and how they loved blood from energetic girls.

Well, Makie-chan was that.

Still, all there were no such things as vampires, right? At least, not here. There were vampires in Milliways, true, and in other people's worlds. But her's (and wasn't it odd to claim a world as a whole, bad and good) wasn't strange at all. It had humans and trees and computers, but nothing really magical. Not compared to ones with gods or witches.

Still.... Maybe it's time to start carrying the stunner around Mahora too. Just in case.


Oct. 21st, 2009 05:42 am
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Mahora Academy was not new. There was prestige from that, and it certainly helped with things like Library Island, but it lead to problems from time to time.

Like now.

This building has been closed for renovations. Hard hat and steel toed boots required for safety. All visitors are to report to the site office and sign in.

"There are times when a stable door is a real pain. It would be nice if then didn't move that door either."
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It would be nice, thought Ako, If the clubs actually paid attention some times. Who did the class results up with that many people missing anyway?

"Ako-chan, come on! There's going to be a party!"


Negi-sensei got to stay. That was good. Even if Headmaster Konoe is a strange old man sometimes.
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"Ah, Ako-chan!" says a smiling Takamichi-sensei, "What brings you here so early?"

"Last night, something weird happened sensei and when I woke up I was in a maid uniform that was damaged, like I'd played soccer in it or something, and I don't remember what happened."

"Well now, that does seem serious. Have you seen the nurse?"

"Hmm. She said I had some bruises and that I might be acting out in my sleep."

Not that the question of where the maid outfit came from is answered by that. Ako isn't one of the students to cosplay.

"Well. I'm sure it's a one time thing, but I'll keep an eye out for you if you like Ako-chan."

"Thank-you Takamichi-sensei."

And that, seems to be that.
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Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowel, Queen of the Night, The Doll Master, The Visitation of Woe, The Apostle of Destruction and seat number 26 of class 3-A, Mahora Academy, frowned. Where to find the minions she needed to distract boya?

Someone athletic. Someone he'd care about. Someone -

"Oh! Hello Eva-chan! I was just headed for the baths with Makie-san."

- convenient.

"Ako-chan, what a pleasant surprise."

It's all some sort of distorted dream. Negi-sensei obviously can't fly, Chachamaru-san certainly wouldn't attack him and, though Eva-chan would change outfits at a moment's notice, she can't turn into a gorgeous, grown woman.

But, where did this outfit come from?


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