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Thanks to backing from the Evilcratic Party ['verse: The Flying Squirrel [ profile] theflyingsquirl, ect.] Ako's picked up a number of fun odds and ends. These include:

From Jordan)
A ridiculously portable electric guitar. It's volume knob goes to 15. Anything more than about 5 is not recommended for long term exposure with unprotected ears.

A stunner. It looks like one of the metal club flashlights and knocks out both animals and robots. Now in pistol form!
From Ellen ([ profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky)
An alien hand gun that vaporizes people. The Alien Atomizer!

From Karkat([ profile] crabbycustomer)
A chat client that runs on corn syrup! Ako can be reached at trackedTraumate
<font color="FF6600" face="courier"><b>trackedTraumate</b></font>
<font color="ff6600" face="courier"><b>trackedTraumate [TT]</b></font> <font color="black" face="courier"><b>began trolling</b></font> <font color="696969" face="courier"><b>chirurGeneralist [CG]</b></font>
<font face="courier"><b><font color="FF6600">CURRENT trackedTraumate [CTT]</font> RIGHT NOW opened memo on board MAGICAL MYSTERY BAR VIRTUAL BULLETIN BOARD</font></b>

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Further OOC plotting, because we don't need to clog up other people's inboxes with this.

Recap: repeated trips to the Lost and Found Office, then a trip to Zanaris and somehow, eventually, getting back to Milliways.
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Day 1
: AM: Opening Parade

Day 2

Day 3
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7:50 P.M.: Evangeline is planning her breakout. The more athletic girls of class 3-A taking a common bath. Workers are fastening headlamps into place and checking batteries.

7:59 P.M.: Last looks around, flashlights on.

8:00 P.M.: Blackout. The campus generators taken offline until midnight to refurbishing and preventative maintenance.

10:48 P.M.: Ako and the other girls are knocked out in the fight between Eva and Negi.

11:52 P.M.: Power is restored to Mahora ahead of schedule
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Timeline base was stolen whole cloth from Here.
General Events: Canon Timeline
Ako Specific Events: Canon Timeline
All Events: Milli-canon
Spoilers. The whole thing is spoilers as far as the eye can see. )
Updates to come as I play and re-read the books.
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The universes of Negima are many and confusing. Ako will be coming, primarily, from the Negima! manga. In particular the Del Ray translation. Negima! also supports a collection of anime adaptations, a live action version, an alternate manga (Negiam!? Neo) and it's anime adaptation(s).

Edit: Also a video game. I honestly have no idea what's going on in that at all.

I suggest wikipedia to try and make sense of what's going on. Now let's all take a moment and be glad she's not from a Tenchi Muyo variant. *twitches*


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