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Ako frowns pretty heavily as she looks around.

Her door had opened and, having basically everything she'd want to take with her in her Sylladex, she'd dashed through.

It would, after all, be simple enough to use T-Minus to let everyone know that she'd made it back home, and the door could have gone away again at any point.

The trick, of course, is that her door hadn't opened on Mahora the last time she'd gone through.

Not that this was the same place as last time either, but it had to have something to do with it.
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It took a fair bit of asking around after she managed to connect with Claudia-san on T-Minus but Ako is off to find Fairy Fixit-san.

Milliways exists and is, kinda, sorta, back to normal.
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The sun is shining. The grass is green.

It shouldn't be.

At Milliways and at Mahora her door is indoors.

The light should come from electric lights, the floor should be wood or tile.

Uh? Help!

Feb. 14th, 2012 10:48 pm
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It is a small room. Red stone wall and floors, light from nowhere identifiable and note scratched out on the floor.

You appear to have slipped through to the Abyssal plane. To return to your last recorded dimension, please identify the odd appendage out, then operate it.

That's strange, but, well, Milliways has been behaving oddly in a lot of ways lately.

A quick look, a solid pull and a sensation of falling...


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